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Welding PVC Waterstop
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CS&E stocks many types of waterstop, including PVC, TPV, hydrophilic, and mastic. We have certified waterstop welding instructors on staff and offer on-site technical assistance and training. We also stock all the necessary tools to make your waterstop installation go smoothly.

PVC Waterstop

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Earth Shield® Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Waterstop is used as a fluid-tight diaphragm, embedded in concrete, across and along the joint, for environmental engineered concrete structures. Earth Shield® Flexible PVC Waterstops are resistant to a wide range of water and wastewater treatment chemicals and are certified to meet or exceed the performance requirements of CRD C572-74.
  1. pvc waterstop sweets product catalog (PDF)
  2. pvc waterstop submittal package (PDF)
  3. pvc waterstop installation guides
  4. pvc waterstop specifications (PDF)
  5. pvc waterstop specifications (MS Word)
  6. pvc waterstop CAD details (PDF and DWG)
  7. pvc waterstop chemical resistant chart
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  9. pvc waterstop technical data sheet (PDF)

Install Earth Shield® Flexible PVC Waterstop in all concrete joints. Waterstop should be centered in, and run the extent of the joint. All changes of directions should be prefabricated, leaving only butt-welding for the field. If installing in an expansion joint, keep center bulb unembedded to allow it to accommodate movement as designed. Use optional factory installed brass eyelets (or #3 hog rings) and tie wire to secure waterstop to reinforcing steel to avoid displacement during the concrete pour. Splice straight lengths of waterstop and Shop Made Fittings to straight lengths, with an ST-10® In-Line Waterstop Splicer with the iron temperature set to 350°F to 380°F.

Hydrophilic Chloroprene

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Type NB190® is a modern, hydrophilic chloroprene rubber waterstop with unmatched durability and water sealing capabilities. Manufactured NON-BENTONITE, modified chloroprene rubber, Type NB190® more than doubles its original size (400% in 36 days) when exposed to water. This expansion creates an effective compression seal within joints of limited to no movement. Type NB190® can expand and reexpand unlimited times with virtually no loss of physical properties. Additionally, Type NB190® has excellent resistance to many chemicals, is heat-resistant, and is safe for drinking water.

Earth Shield® Modified Chloroprene Hydrophilic Waterstop is used as a fluid-tight diaphragm, running along the joint, for water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, and fluid containment structures. Earth Shield® Modified Chloroprene Hydrophilic Waterstops are intended for non-moving construction joints only.

Earth Shield® Type NB190® Hydrophilic Waterstop Paste is for use in concrete cold joints, precast joints, tunnel segments, pipe penetrations, and as an optional adhesive for Type NB190® hydrophilic chloroprene rubber waterstops. The product has a 250% expansion when immersed in fresh water for 30 days.

  1. modified chloroprene hydrophilic waterstop product literature (PDF)
  2. modified chloroprene hydrophilic waterstop submittal package (PDF)
  3. modified chloroprene hydrophilic waterstop specification (PDF)
  4. modified chloroprene hydrophilic waterstop sds
  5. elastomeric adhesive sealant product literature (PDF)
  6. elastomeric adhesive sealant sds
  7. hydrophilic waterstop paste product literature (PDF)
  8. hydrophilic waterstop paste sds

Waterstop Splicing Irons

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JPS Standard Irons are specifically designed for welding waterstops, and other thermoplastic extruded profiles (expansion joints, seals). The temperature control can be adjusted from 250°F to 500°F to accommodate various ambient conditions and different polymers. All JPS Standard Irons are constructed with the highest quality components.

  • Peel and Stick Teflon® Cover included
  • Heavy-duty vinyl grip and wood handle
  • 8-foot, CSA & UL certified, outdoor use power cable
  • Adjustable temperature with “Off” position

Small Waterstop Splicing Iron
Our most popular waterstop splicing iron. The JP214 is small and lightweight, and capable of welding all but the largest waterstop profiles.
12214 part number 110 volts 1”x2”x14”
12415 part number 220 volts 1”x2”x14”

Large Waterstop Splicing Irons
Large waterstop irons for large profiles.
12414 part number 110 volts .75”x4.5”x14”
12415 part number 220 volts .75x4.5”x14”
12614 part number 110 volts .75”x6”x14”
12615 part number 220 volts .75”x6”x14”
12620 part number 110 volts .75”x6”x20”
12621 part number 220 volts .75”x6”x20”
12919 part number 110 volts .75”x9”x9”

TPV Waterstop

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Earth Shield® Thermoplastic Vulcanizate Waterstop (TPV) (aka TPE-R) is used as a fluid-tight diaphragm, embedded in concrete, across and along the joint, for primary and secondary containment structures. Earth Shield® Chemical Resistant Waterstops are resistant to a wide range of oils, solvents, and aggressive chemicals. Alcohol, ketones, glycols, esters, and aqueous solutions of acids, salts, and bases have little effect on Earth Shield® Thermoplastic Vulcanizate Waterstop.
  1. tpv waterstop sweets product catalog (PDF)
  2. tpv waterstop submittal package (PDF)
  3. tpv waterstop installation guides
  4. tpv waterstop specifications (PDF)
  5. tpv waterstop specifications (MS Word)
  6. tpv waterstop CAD details (PDF and DWG)
  7. tpv waterstop chemical resistant chart
  8. tpv waterstop sds sheets
Unlike polyvinyl chloride (PVC) waterstop, Earth Shield® waterstop contains no plasticizer, stabilizer, or filler to leech out when exposed to chemicals, fuels, ozone, and aggressive industrial fluids. Also, unlike PVC waterstop, Earth Shield® can withstand prolonged exposure to high and low temperatures (-78°F to 275°F long term) without detrimental effect. Earth Shield® TPV Waterstop is NSF Standard 61 certified for use in drinking water and is made of a recyclable polymer, so it’s good for your health and the environment.

The superior chemical resistance of Earth Shield® Thermoplastic Vulcanizate Waterstop is enhanced by the use of a ribbed centerbulb configuration, which is available in a 4, 6, and 9-inch width. This provides for greater mechanical bonding with the concrete and a barrier against migration of liquid flow around the waterstop. The ribbed centerbulb style also allows for joint movement and may be used in above or below grade applications. Additional shapes are available for retrofit, extreme expansion, stainless steel and base seal applications.

Hydrophilic Butyl Bentonite

Earth Shield® Type 20 & Type 23 Hydrophilic Butyl Rubber Waterstops are designed to swell when exposed to water, yet maintain a solid structural integrity that will not deteriorate due to uncontrolled expansion, unlike many of the traditional, clay-based waterstops currently on the market. This swelling ability prevents the passage of water through concrete construction joints. Type 20 & 23 waterstops are fast, easy, and economical to install. Simply apply Earth Shield® Primer to the existing concrete, firmly press the waterstop to the primed surface, and place your second pour of concrete. No splitting of forms or difficult field welding is necessary to achieve a watertight seal.
  1. hydrophilic waterstop product literature (PDF)
  2. hydrophilic waterstop specification (PDF)
  3. hydrophilic waterstop sds

Mastic Waterstop

Earth Shield® Type 10 is a high-quality, self-sealing mastic waterstop which prevents water from penetrating non-moving joints in concrete construction.
  1. mastic waterstop product literature (PDF)
  2. mastic waterstop specification (PDF)
  3. mastic waterstop sds

Chemical Resistant Mastic

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Earth Shield® 125CR Chemical Resistant Strip Waterstop is designed to prevent the passage of aqueous hydrocarbons through non-moving concrete joints in environmental engineered concrete structures. The product aggressively bonds to most substrates and is unaffected by rain or wet conditions during installation.
  1. chemical resistant (CR) mastic waterstop product literature (PDF)
  2. chemical resistant (CR) mastic waterstop specification (PDF)
  3. chemical resistant (CR) mastic waterstop sds
  4. chemical resistant (CR) mastic waterstop chemical resistance chart

Pro Built Waterstop Splicing Irons

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Designed for the waterstop pro! Our Pro Series irons feature all the same attributes as our regular irons plus built-in thermometer, temperature control knob, outdoor-use power cord (UL and CSA approved), ergonomic vinyl grip, sealed elements, and a Silverstone coating that doesn't require covers.

  • Built-in analog thermometer
  • Sealed end caps (meets EU Standards)
  • Silverstone-coated — No Teflon® covers required
  • Better, ergonomic handgrip
  • 8-foot, CSA & UL certified, outdoor use power cord
  • Meets CEGS 03250 requirements
12216 part number 110 volts 1”x2”x14”
12217 part number 220 volts 1”x2”x14”
12416 part number 110 volts .75”x4.5”x14”
12417 part number 220 volts .75x4.5”x14”

ST-10® Waterstop Splicing Table

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The ST-10® was designed and patented by J P Specialties as the perfect solution for producing high-tensile strength, leakproof welds on thermoplastic waterstops such as PVC, HDPE, LDPE, TPER, and TPV. New quality assurance standards in today’s waterstop specifications mandate tensile testing across field welded joints, usually requiring tensile strength 80% or better of the parent material. Waterstops welded with the ST-10® assure the Contractor that their workmanship will yield results conducive to these rigorous requirements. The ST-10® is also an extreme labor saver, taking a two-man job — welding waterstop — and taking it down to just one man.

  • Easy to use
  • Aligns the waterstop
  • Portable, lightweight
  • Weather resistant
  • Minimizes fumes (maximizes safety)
  • High tensile welds
  • Welds under pressure, eliminating air bubbles
12010 part number